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Situated in the first hills of Conegliano, preciselly in San Pietro di Feletto, Bernardino, part of the De Bernard family of wines, uses estate-grown fruit to craft Prosecco DOC and sparkling wines. Created using the innovative method of Charmat-Martinotti production, the meticulously crafted wines combine passion artistry and sience – all for offering you a unique product capable of enriching your special moments.

De Bernard was founded in 1948 in Bastia d’Alpago (Belluno), a small village nestling against the thousand-year-old Cansiglio wood. Originally, de Bernard used to distill just Kapriol, a liqueur obtained from medicinal herbs and juniper berries and famed throughout the whole Alpine region. In the early 1950s, the estate was transferred to Conegliano where it started to produce sparkling Prosecco wine. By 1957, Prosecco De Bernard was already being exported to many countries. In 1962, the state was awarded “Best Prosecco Wine” by the widely distributed magazine Quattrosoldi.

The man behind this sparkling wine tradition based on absolute respect for its fruit of origin, the Glera variety, is Beniamino Maschio. In 2002, Maschio took over this beautiful wine-growing estate and cellar, carrying on the quest for excellence undertaken by the De Bernard family with great passion and enthusiasm.